Local SEO No Contracts! 

At Search Marketing Specialists after we do a SEO analysis on your Website we can tailor an SEO Program No Contracts. 

How we do it:
  • We Keep It Simple
  • Competitor Check
  • Local SEO Analysis
  • PC Website SEO Analysis 
  • Mobile Website SEO Analysis 
  • No Contracts
  • Monthly Meetings onsite
  • Full Comprehensive Reporting    
Local Search Engine Optimisation
SearchMarketingSpecialists guarantee you a minimum level of performance as detailed above. Should we fail to meet a milestone, we continue your campaign without charge until the milestone is met.
The guarantee is your assurance that we have a vested interest in the development of your rankings.
It’s important to note that this is a safety net only – our objective is to rank your website as high as possible.


  • Target your customers from your local area
  • Be found on page 1 of google in your local area 
  • From 5 - 15 Key Phrases 
  • Guaranteed 1st page results*


  • Target your customers in your city or specific locations in the areas where you want to work.
  • From 5 - 15 Key Phrases
  • Be found on Page 1 of Google in your city
  • Guaranteed first page results


  • Target you customers Australia wide
  • From 5 - Unlimited Key Phrases
  • Be found on page 1 of Google
  • Guaranteed first Page results

What isSEO?

(SEO) is the process of maximising the position of a website in search engine results.

Search engines rank websites according to many variables which principally fall into two areas; relevance and credibility. The relevance of a website to a given search will determine if it is to be included in the results. The credibility of the website will determine how close to the top of the page the website will be listed. Relevance has to do with the structure of the code and text on the website. Credibility is primarily the product of references to the website in the wider internet.
SEO Gold Coast, SEO Central Coast

Stage 1 –Keyword Research

One of our most important responsibilities is to define the most effective set of key phrases. SEO account managers begin by getting to know your business and the objectives of your campaign. We’ll conduct research into the online behaviors of your customers, search volumes, market factors and your competition. Our objective is to identify key phrases that will produce the result you are after, be it a phone enquiry, form submission or online purchase. This will not always be the key phrases that have the highest search volume. Conversion potential is more important than traffic alone.

Stage 2 –On-Page Optimisation

Your SEO Account Manager and your SEO Technician will review and amend various components of your website to maximise its relevance to the key phrases. Our objective here is to control the search engines understanding of your website, in accordance with the search engines guide lines. With so many clients, we are in the fortunate position of being able to observe trends and reverse engineer the search engine algorithms.

Besides the text content, the changes we make to your site are obscure to the human observer, so generally the look and feel of your website will not be effected at all. We can make these improvements directly or via a content management system where available. We can also provide a report to you where this isn’t possible for your own developers or in-house web master to implement the changes.

Our competitors would dearly love to get their hands on our proven methods for the optimization of websites, so we won’t go into too much detail here but there are some standard items that we’ll be looking out for…
Search engines use folder and page names to help them determine the subject matter of the website.
Search engines look at the way copy is presented on your website. Such things as headings, bold text, how many times certain words appear on the page, which words are towards the start of a sentence etc.
Both site users and search engines prefer websites that load quickly.
The titles that appear in the header of your web browser are also given a high degree of attention.
The way your pages link to each other can help or hinder the search engine in finding its way around your site. When required, we’ll also submit a sitemap file.
As search engines favor sites with unique content, we look to eliminate content duplication, both within the site and externally.


The internet has opened up markets previously un-dreamed of. Companies are doing business with customers around the world – but this also means many more competitors. Businesses live and die on the ease with which they can be found and online search is the number one tool customers use to find products and services and make buying decisions.
Organic Ranking in Google for Local Search Optimisation
More Traffic.
96% of click-through occur on this first page of a search engine and the activity is highly focused around the top natural listings. Natural results account for about 70-80% off the click-through, so these top placed sites receive the lions share.
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