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  • By Scott Hunt
  • 12 Sep, 2016
As we move forward into a New Era of Digital Marketing   we are challenged to where we spend our marketing budget. What we found at Search Marketing Specialist on the Gold Coast is there is no two businesses the same, so as every business is different so should be their Digital Marketing. At Search Marketing Specialists we create a tailored Digital Marketing Solution for your business and provide you with the personal service you need, from a range of high end Websites whether that be Word Press to our very simple and easy to use Search Marketing Website Platform. There are so many options out there in the market place for Digital marketing that sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. At Search Marketing Specialists on the Gold Coast we can tailor a solution to suit your business we have listed some of our services below to help your business be found.

Websites Word Press – Search Marketing Websites – Search Engine Optimisation – Google Adwords
Facebook – Advertising – Instagram Advertising – Video Marketing – Video Production – TV Commercial Production

Our main goal is to make your business found where your customer are searching.
By Search Marketing Specialists 25 Jul, 2017

When we meet with Potential Clients on the Gold Coast or Central Coast to discuss a new  website  to help them market their business, the conversation will focus on how should the site look, should we use  videos , how many pages will be best all sorts of questions. But the biggest question, What do we need to communicate to potential customers with this website? Which translates to what should be the content, and that’s a Million-dollar question.

It’s also sometimes the start of the biggest potential nightmare for  website design , why? Well, nine times out of ten people tend to get a little carried away and want the website to resemble Wikipedia with pages and pages of words rather than what it should be which is a  digital marketing  machine for their business.

This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play on how to get the right content for your website, and what that rule is we tell you is simple. 80% of visitors will look at your content headings and only 20% will read what’s under that. So, the focus should be on making a great statement that gives potential customers a reason to move further. For instance, a hairdresser could make a Statement, “We will give you Sensational Silky Hair Everyone Will Notice” rather than focusing on writing a million words on the importance of the PH balance and other Scientific facts and figures of the shampoo you use at your hairdressing salon. As for that eye-catching statement? Make sure you have ended it with “Find Our More” then connect it to a click to call/contact button to really start to increase your customers. We will cover this “Action” buttons topic in next month’s blog.

By Search Marketing Specialists 07 Jul, 2017

Search Marketing Specialists  has been Selling and  designing websites  for Business on The Gold Coast and Central Coast for many years and we have seen many shifts and changes in what makes a  cost effective website design  great for business. For a long time, a business website was more about Pretty Pictures, lots of text and, it was one of those things your business had to have, a box that needed to be ticked, you could have it built and rarely did you change it.

Fast Forward to the advent of the Smartphone, WIFI and wow things have changed. Your website has gone from being just a glossy brochure and moved to be a mean lean  digital marketing  machine that must get straight to the point and be fast about it, as slow sites will be bypassed quicker than you can say iPhone! Mobile searchers have gone through the roof with now almost 70% of people buying, booking or selling using the small machine in their hands, so unless you can see people with a 26-inch screen strapped to their back walking down the street, your thoughts for your website should be so how does it look, feel and operate on Mobile!

It’s that Mobile Look and Performance that we face every day, when we are dealing with Business on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and discussing new websites, we are often sitting with the owners and they are reviewing everything on a big screen or even a huge laptop, the only time there thinking moves to the Smartphone is when they get a text or a call or a Facebook Beep.

So, our advice? When you’re thinking of getting a new website? Give a lot of thought to your customers and what they are using to view that site, and we guarantee you it’s the screen in their hands’ and they won’t have one on their backs!

By Scott Hunt 20 May, 2017

At Search Marketing Specialists we are always researching and finding new ways to continually help and grow our clients to their optimum potential. What we have found for our current customers on the Gold Coast and on the Central Coast is that they have had remarkable success and results with using with a combination of Digital Marketing including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO and Local Blogs about their business. What we have found in research what is the best results for you is that Mobile Search on average is 72% of the search criteria during our monthly reporting across all campaigns. Since using local SEO on both the Gold Coast and Central Coast SEO including Google My Business both on the Gold Coast and Central Coast and now with us introducing even more local solutions we will see a continued growth in Local Blogs. Website speed and mobility is now a major factor in your website ranking as well at Search Marketing Specialists we are continuing to design per device as this allow us to maximise the conversions for our customers and their customers experience on their Website. Facebook this has really increased in market share as what we have found this is now a secondary search as we have with our customers that have Facebook Ad Management works well and it is very cost effective showing a strong return on investment. What next it is all about our reputation as a business on social media how we engage customer with post, Boost Adverts and let not forget the importance of reviews. At Search Marketing Specialists, we have decided to start to help our customer with social media reputation by adding engaging post, Boosting so we can reach out, creating high impact ads that create business for you and controlling reviews.

To find out more fill in a contact form on our page on our website and we will have one of our Specialists contact you.



By Scott Hunt 16 Mar, 2017
Ok so what we know mobile search now equates for more than 68% off the search and that a consumer is now using their mobile device search as their first port of call. So what we have found at Search Marketing Specialists that not only it is important to have a mobile friendly site but a Mobile Website that has been designed for you users.Based upon research that we want to Call - Connect - Convert on a Mobile Website to do this you need to break the mould when building a website. Speed is now a big factor as a lot of the reasons why your customers will bounce from your site is your speed is slow or it is not easy to navigate. At Search Marketing Specialists we design three different Websites to suit you customer needs at the time of use to make it as simple as possible for them to navigate and connect. We also provide a very high speed load time, SSL Security and the latest in conversion technology on our CMS platform.
The ease of use for editing your own site if you can use Facebook you can use our editing software.
We invite you to test your Web site  and compare to one of ours
please compare you results to the one below in the screenshot  . If you want one of the latest in design Websites that has all this and more, features, Conversion, built for each device not just responsive by a unique mobile designed Website. Call us for a free website analysis  1300 881 421. We are a Digital Marketing Agency based on the Gold Coast & Central Coast. Cost effective Website Design for your business 
By Scott Hunt 01 Mar, 2017
Well after lots of study and 5 exams later Search Marketing Specialists is now a Google Specialists. Based on the Gold Coast and now on the Central Coast Digital Marketing Agency Search Marketing Specialists has now hit the Specialist status with Google. So if you are looking to be found on Google look no further we can help visit our website
By Scott Hunt 28 Feb, 2017
Well we have now launched our business in the Central Coast of NSW.
What do we offer? Tailored Digital Marketing Solutions for your business
Who are we? Our Head Office is in the Gold Coast we are the Search Marketing Specialists that has over 21 Years Exp in Digital Marketing, we have the best of the best Face to Face Team of Consultants that come to your place of business and provide an Free Analysis of you Website and your Digital Marketing.  Provides your business with a tailored Website Design, Digital Marketing Solution Google Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Youtube Marketing  TV, Radio & lets not forget the most important one Mobile Marketing
 No Contracts..
Want to save money and Time?  Engage one of our specialist.
Visit our Website for more information and find out what are customers are saying about us on the Gold Coast.  or call 1300 881 421  
By Scott Hunt 22 Jan, 2017

  Time to get a Mobile Website Check up!       

Our high tech state of art the website platform that the majority of our customers utilise, is specifically built for each individual device. It is tailored to PC, Tablet and Mobile, with full SSL security protection delivering high google ranking for organic listings (SEO). Our website platform continues to develop the mobile component as it is imperative for Local SEO, Google Ads and even Facebook Ads.  


Why is Google using a mobile-first index?

If you’re wondering why Google is switching to a mobile-first index, the answer is simple. Mobile is everything. That’s the short answer, anyway. The long answer is a little more involved.


For starters, the number of mobile users surpassed the number of desktop users a couple of years ago. If anything, Google is late to the game. In addition to that, Google says that there are more mobile searches than desktop searches. So it makes perfect sense that its bot should crawl pages as a mobile user.


What if you don’t have a mobile site?

If you don’t have a responsive website, you might be asking yourself: “What’s going to happen to my site?” You can rest easy. The Googlebot will crawl the desktop version of your site just fine, even though it’s using a mobile user agent. That means your site can still be indexed.


Free advice, though -- you should definitely switch over to a responsive template. In this day and age, anyone who’s serious about making a statement online needs a website that adapts to a mobile platform.


Mobile Search is becoming more and more important full story below


By Scott Hunt 23 Nov, 2016

Search Marketing Specialists Gold Coast Digital Marketing Agency

How important is Facebook to your Digital Marketing lets look at the facts on average Australians are spending at least 1hr a day of Facebook saying if you look at my household the TV is on and no one is watching it.  

How Australians spend their time online

  • One in every five minutes spent is on social media
  • 71 per cent of Australian consumers check email at the beginning of the day while only 17 per cent will check Facebook
  • Consumers’ initial online activities tell us something of their priorities and motivations as they start their day. Understanding their mindset—whether it be business, social or news focused, as well as the lens through which they access their first online content—provides valuable insight into the most effective ways to reach consumers online.
  • 47 per cent of Australian consumers will check email as the last thing they do online each day while 27 per cent will check Facebook
  • Just as it is important to analyse morning behaviour to understand the priorities and motivations of your consumers, it is important to examine how consumers end their digital day in order to better comprehend how channel usage shifts throughout the day. When evening rolls around, consumer priorities tend to shift from business to leisure. Email usage decreases in the evening, but it remains the most popular channel for Australian consumers.

The Australian Facebook user 
Australian consumers like Facebook - a lot. According to Exact Target’s Digital Down Under report Aussies are more active on Facebook than either the US or UK consumers surveyed.

  • Facebook users visit the site on average 16 times a week
  • Australia has 9,800,000 unique visitors to Facebook each month (42 per cent of the Australian population)

The Australian Twitter user 
Twitter users tend to be some of the most active online consumers. Of those who are active on Twitter, 51 per cent check it at least once per day, and 18 per cent report using Twitter consistently throughout the day.

  • Twitter users visit the site on average 23 times a week, significantly more frequently than Facebook users
  • Australia has 1,100,000 unique visitors to Twitter each month (4.8 per cent of the Australian population)
By Scott Hunt 19 Sep, 2016
Its is so important that we look at what and where our customers are searching as we know for the mobile search keeps on growing so it is imperative that you look at your options when planning you marketing.
Need help being found on the Gold Coast Search Marketing Specialist are just a click away.

  1. make sure your website is responsive across all devices also being able to adapt to new technology by using insights an video to keep your customer engaged.
  2. make sure that you target where your customers are searching for you whether that be Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc
  3. What device they are using to find your business
  4. Target location specific
  5. Use video on your website to engage customers
By Scott Hunt 19 Sep, 2016
What it means to be on the first pages of Google 96% of click-through occur on this first page of a search engine and the activity is highly focused around the top natural listings. Natural results account for about 70-80% off the click-through, so these top placed sites receive the lions share. Ask Search Marketing Specialists how we can help your business be found on page one of Google.
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