The Spark of SEO Will Be A Thing Of Your Future And Here's Why

  • By Search Marketing Specialists
  • 16 Nov, 2017

Search Marketing Specialist Can Make Your Website SEO-Friendy To Improve Your Site's Ranking

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Am I the only here who is really fascinated by fireworks? The explosives with sparkles of assorted colors filling the night sky every time we celebrate something. They are wonderful to look at as they illuminate the dark blue sky. Fireworks are the ultimate mark of celebrations, from Victoria Day, long weekends or to a record-breaking Olympic ceremony and New Year’s Eve bashes. But no matter how beautiful and colorful theses fireworks are, no matter how lovely their way is to light up the night sky, we know for a fact that these wonderful scenes will not last long and will be gone in a blink of an eye.
Now, what if I told you there are similarities between fireworks and SEO ? The poorly optimised website will be just like fireworks - fascinating, bright sparks of colors that illuminate the dark sky but will only last in a blink of an eye or in a single snap of your finger. The effect will be temporary. Yes, you will gain traffic, but this traffic won't last a week or even a day. If you want to truly increase website traffic, you first need to make sure your website content is properly optimised. If you are a website owner on the Gold Coast where there are lots of competitors, you must have said the very same line for sure. I mean, you have the business, you have the website, you render quality service and you sell good products, but the problem is it's not generating regular enquiries. Maybe you’re focusing on the wrong metrics and reading the wrong content? Or maybe proper SEO is the missing piece of the puzzle. A lot of us know that Search Engine Optimisation is a brilliant way to generate traffic to a website. Yes, because optimising your website will help it perform well especially in an organic search. Yes, it is a simple activity of ensuring a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering, service or products. But it is not easy for those who are not experts in this field.
But let us tell you great news and I know that you will be really happy about it. You don't have to worry about having your website recognised by Google, as that is our speciality. Search Marketing Specialists is a digital marketing agency on the Gold Coast that can help you with your problems. Our main objective is to rank your website and be seen on the Google SERP. That guarantee is your assurance that we have a vested interest in the development of your rankings.
Unlike fireworks, with the SEO we provide, we will see to it that you'll rank high in the long run and it’s not just a spur of the moment. But we will also love to help you set up a fireworks display to celebrate the success of your site.
By Search Marketing Specialists 16 Nov, 2017
Am I the only here who is really fascinated by fireworks? The explosives with sparkles of assorted colors filling the night sky every time we celebrate something. They are wonderful to look at as they illuminate the dark blue sky. Fireworks are the ultimate mark of celebrations, from Victoria Day, long weekends or to a record-breaking Olympic ceremony and New Year’s Eve bashes. But no matter how beautiful and colorful theses fireworks are, no matter how lovely their way is to light up the night sky, we know for a fact that these wonderful scenes will not last long and will be gone in a blink of an eye.
By Search Marketing Specialists 24 Oct, 2017
Google Adwords PPC what is it? You would have heard or read about PPC, maybe even had some spam emails, or had people say hey you need this, so what is PPC (pay-per-click) marketing? Pay-per-click marketing is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website, rather than “earning” those clicks organically. You would have seen those sponsored ads you often see at the top of Google’s search results page, marked with a little “A” Box? That’s pay-per-click advertising.
By Search Marketing Specialists 27 Sep, 2017

I’ll give you a riddle. This old one runs forever but never gets tired. It keeps on running but doesn’t move at all. It does not have throat but always give off a mighty roaring call. What is it?

Come on, have a wild guess. 1, 2, 3…

What? Gave up already? The answer to my riddle is WATERFALLS.

Did you know that Australia's tallest waterfall travels 110 cubic feet per second, also known as a cascade and horsetail waterfall in Stony Creek? It is in the northern region of Queensland; can you guess what it’s called? It is none other than Wallaman Falls!

Wallaman Falls is notable for its main drop of 268 meters which makes it the country's tallest single-drop waterfall. An estimated 100,000 people visit the waterfall annually. It travels 3 meters’ or 110 cubic feet per second. Now that’s fast?

If we are taking website traffic speed I bet you wish your site was as fast as Wallaman Falls.

If you run a business online, traffic is your lifeblood. If you aren’t attracting visitors, your website is bound to get lost in the vastness of the internet and perhaps, never found. Every site needs traffic, seriously, and even if your site is very well-made, if you are not attracting visitors, you won’t be generating sales or achieving your end goal with your business. See now how important it is?

Lack of website traffic is one of the most familiar challenges I hear from business owners. In today’s online world you must thrive and increase your online presence. Many business owners struggle figuring out what strategies to do to gain more traffic.

Are you now wondering how? Search Marketing Specialists can be of help! With over 22 years of industry experience in digital marketing solutions , we can get your business found. We will help you drive new and quality traffic to your website as it will make you 1st page on Google .

Let us help your business be just like Wallaman Falls, fast with lots of Visitors.

By Search Marketing Specialists 12 Sep, 2017

"Good morning, Gold Coast!" -- you said as you open your door wide on a Sunday morning. The sun is shining brightly, you are settled on the veranda, sipping your hot coffee and reading the bundle of papers containing the news today. The newspapers' headline is " Why Australia has a serious gambling problem " and below this piece of writing is news about a certain celebrity who has a serious drinking or drug habit. What catches your attention more? I am quite sure that you will read the scandal news first, Correct?

Shocking news spread faster and wider than good news. Some study shows that a person's mind is a lot more attractive to the negative thoughts than the positive ones. Many of us are interested in hearing about the tragedies, hardships, and failures of others. Bad news may be shared with nearly twice as many people as good news. That is the reality.

It also applies when you own a business. You have a  website  or even just a  Facebook page  where your customers can rate your products and services. Sure, you will get some nice 5 star “Great People, Super Service” quotes, but what happens when a certain somebody leaves a negative review or a poor rating about you, every 5-star rating there suddenly becomes not interesting at all. Those "Good job to these guys" and "I will recommend you to my friends" comments will be ignored.  It is like a bomb dropped right in front of you without any warning. BOOOOOOM! You and your business are done. Fast as that.

The good reputation you treasured for many years since you've started your business is now gone in just a few clicks of the keyboard. That is how much a single online review could hurt you. You never know where these reviews will be placed, so can you watch all different sites all day long? Why don't you ask someone to maintain your online presence to keep up with your reviewers? Instead of you absorbing all those opinions, have someone handle it for you.

We can help you, Search Marketing Specialists is the leading digital agency servicing Gold Coast and Central Coast. We make finding your business online possible and strive to help your business grow more. Visit our site or give us a call, we want to make sure there is no BOOM in your business, just a Boom in revenues with the success of great reviews spreading fast.
By Search Marketing Specialists 30 Aug, 2017

People nowadays are so techie. By techie means in everything we do, we can't move without consulting Google. As we all know, you can find almost everything in it, may it be job offerings, a long-lost friend or business ventures. Indeed, it is very helpful to someone who owns a business like you.

Online marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote your business. First, of course, is your business got to have its name placed in the online community. You must have your own website containing the details about your business - your servicing location, your products or services and your business name most importantly.  Search Marketing Specialists  is a digital marketing agency specialising mobile, ecommerce and custom  designed websites . We make the most  cost-effective web design  reigning Gold Coast and even Central Coast.

Having a website for your business is good but it is not enough. Your business has to be visible on the first page of Google for your existence to be acknowledged by the customers. In order to drive a quality traffic to your website, it should be relevant and credible. Relevant that its content must be closely connected to what you are advertising and credible that your website is convincing in every way. This is what we call  SEO or Search Engine Optimisation  where we are the experts also.

Search Marketing Specialists is the leading digital marketing agency servicing Gold Coast and Central Coast. We make finding your business online possible and strive to help your business grow.
By Search Marketing Specialists 25 Jul, 2017

When we meet with Potential Clients on the Gold Coast or Central Coast to discuss a new  website  to help them market their business, the conversation will focus on how should the site look, should we use  videos , how many pages will be best all sorts of questions. But the biggest question, What do we need to communicate to potential customers with this website? Which translates to what should be the content, and that’s a Million-dollar question.

It’s also sometimes the start of the biggest potential nightmare for  website design , why? Well, nine times out of ten people tend to get a little carried away and want the website to resemble Wikipedia with pages and pages of words rather than what it should be which is a  digital marketing  machine for their business.

This is where the 80/20 rule comes into play on how to get the right content for your website, and what that rule is we tell you is simple. 80% of visitors will look at your content headings and only 20% will read what’s under that. So, the focus should be on making a great statement that gives potential customers a reason to move further. For instance, a hairdresser could make a Statement, “We will give you Sensational Silky Hair Everyone Will Notice” rather than focusing on writing a million words on the importance of the PH balance and other Scientific facts and figures of the shampoo you use at your hairdressing salon. As for that eye-catching statement? Make sure you have ended it with “Find Our More” then connect it to a click to call/contact button to really start to increase your customers. We will cover this “Action” buttons topic in next month’s blog.

By Search Marketing Specialists 07 Jul, 2017

Search Marketing Specialists  has been Selling and  designing websites  for Business on The Gold Coast and Central Coast for sometime now and we have seen many shifts and changes in what makes a  cost effective website design  great for business. For a long time, a business website was more about Pretty Pictures, lots of text and, it was one of those things your business had to have, a box that needed to be ticked, you could have it built and rarely did you change it.

Fast Forward to the advent of the Smartphone, WIFI and wow things have changed. Your website has gone from being just a glossy brochure and moved to be a mean lean  digital marketing  machine that must get straight to the point and be fast about it, as slow sites will be bypassed quicker than you can say iPhone! Mobile searchers have gone through the roof with now almost 70% of people buying, booking or selling using the small machine in their hands, so unless you can see people with a 26-inch screen strapped to their back walking down the street, your thoughts for your website should be so how does it look, feel and operate on Mobile!

It’s that Mobile Look and Performance that we face every day, when we are dealing with Business on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast and discussing new websites, we are often sitting with the owners and they are reviewing everything on a big screen or even a huge laptop, the only time there thinking moves to the Smartphone is when they get a text or a call or a Facebook Beep.

So, our advice? When you’re thinking of getting a new website? Give a lot of thought to your customers and what they are using to view that site, and we guarantee you it’s the screen in their hands’ and they won’t have one on their backs!

By Scott Hunt 20 May, 2017

At Search Marketing Specialists we are always researching and finding new ways to continually help and grow our clients to their optimum potential. What we have found for our current customers on the Gold Coast and on the Central Coast is that they have had remarkable success and results with using with a combination of Digital Marketing including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, SEO and Local Blogs about their business. What we have found in research what is the best results for you is that Mobile Search on average is 72% of the search criteria during our monthly reporting across all campaigns. Since using local SEO on both the Gold Coast and Central Coast SEO including Google My Business both on the Gold Coast and Central Coast and now with us introducing even more local solutions we will see a continued growth in Local Blogs. Website speed and mobility is now a major factor in your website ranking as well at Search Marketing Specialists we are continuing to design per device as this allow us to maximise the conversions for our customers and their customers experience on their Website. Facebook this has really increased in market share as what we have found this is now a secondary search as we have with our customers that have Facebook Ad Management works well and it is very cost effective showing a strong return on investment. What next it is all about our reputation as a business on social media how we engage customer with post, Boost Adverts and let not forget the importance of reviews. At Search Marketing Specialists, we have decided to start to help our customer with social media reputation by adding engaging post, Boosting so we can reach out, creating high impact ads that create business for you and controlling reviews.

To find out more fill in a contact form on our page on our website and we will have one of our Specialists contact you.



By Scott Hunt 16 Mar, 2017
Ok so what we know mobile search now equates for more than 68% off the search and that a consumer is now using their mobile device search as their first port of call. So what we have found at Search Marketing Specialists that not only it is important to have a mobile friendly site but a Mobile Website that has been designed for you users.Based upon research that we want to Call - Connect - Convert on a Mobile Website to do this you need to break the mould when building a website. Speed is now a big factor as a lot of the reasons why your customers will bounce from your site is your speed is slow or it is not easy to navigate. At Search Marketing Specialists we design three different Websites to suit you customer needs at the time of use to make it as simple as possible for them to navigate and connect. We also provide a very high speed load time, SSL Security and the latest in conversion technology on our CMS platform.
The ease of use for editing your own site if you can use Facebook you can use our editing software.
We invite you to test your Web site  and compare to one of ours
please compare you results to the one below in the screenshot  . If you want one of the latest in design Websites that has all this and more, features, Conversion, built for each device not just responsive by a unique mobile designed Website. Call us for a free website analysis  1300 881 421. We are a Digital Marketing Agency based on the Gold Coast & Central Coast. Cost effective Website Design for your business 
By Scott Hunt 01 Mar, 2017
Well after lots of study and 5 exams later Search Marketing Specialists is now a Google Specialists. Based on the Gold Coast and now on the Central Coast Digital Marketing Agency Search Marketing Specialists has now hit the Specialist status with Google. So if you are looking to be found on Google look no further we can help visit our website
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